środa, 2 lutego 2011


I have to tell you that this day was very interesting ... I wrote my chemistry test , which was not too easy , after that we had little academy about history of my school ..boring . After school I was teaching my friend maths so now I'm tired . I cannot stop listening Serj Tankian ! He is gorgeous :D Song : Serj Tankian -Empty walls

Goodnight . <3


Today was a very long and boring day , I had to learn chemistry which I totally HATE . Now I'm reading about facebook in science magazine . It's terrible how virtual world can OWN normal people , make them stay behind the computer all day. aaaaaaand something about my day today :D  
Today I was watching Black Swan movie directed by Darren Aronofsky . This is strange thriller which make you feel ...different my note 7/10 .

Darren Aronofsky


poniedziałek, 31 stycznia 2011


Strange thing ...
This night I couldn't sleep well . I had nightmares with blood , I don't know why  my heart still hurts.
I have crazy time now , because I'm going to write exams in April so I have to learn A LOT . but  ... honestly ... I don't want toooo ;'( My day in school was great because I was talking with guy that is totally in my type soo I'm happy :) I was shopping today .. Well level of my endorphin is so high :) Today i was watchin' Mr nobody directed by Jaco van Dormael , great movie !

And I've started to reed new book - The Dante Club written by Matthew Pearl

tommorow I can wake up later because my history teacher is sick so everything is great lovely abd wonedful

niedziela, 30 stycznia 2011


My first post in my new blog . Beggining is a strange thing , isn't it ? I don't know what to say ...
Maybe you wanna know sth about me ?..
So I'm Daria , I'm 16 years old .I'm from Poland. I'm crazy about Animation Movies from Disney , Dreamworks etc., In the future I'd like to be an Animated Movies Director, this is so interesting !
Right now I'm a student of 7 Gimnazjum in Rzeszów  . I'm a good student , but I don't like education system in Poland, because I must learn things that I'm not interested in . I live with my mother and my dog in a flat on 2nd floor ;) My father doesn't live with us but I've got good relashionships with him .
Now sth about my blog . I wanna show You here my everyday life, my hobbies and what I'm listening to and watching right now . Those are my first steps here so you have to forgive me my mistakes ;)
Enjoy !